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GENE VINCENT - Box Set(Complete Capitol and Columbia Recordings - 1956/1964)

...muito rock'n'roll...clássico!!!!


Track list

1.- Race with the devil; 2.- Be-Bop-A-Lula; 3.- Woman love;4.- I sure miss you; 5.- Jezebel; 6.- Crazy legs;7.- Peg o' my heart; 8.- Wedding bells; 9.- Waltz of the wind;10.- Up a lazy river; 11.- Ain't she sweet; 12.- Gonna back up baby;13.- Who slapped John?; 14.- Jumps, giggles & shouts;15.- Bluejean bop; 16.- I flipped; 17.- Bop street;18.- Well I knocked bim bam; 19.- You told a fib;20.- Jump back, honey jump back; 21.- Teenage partner ('56);22.- Blues stay away from me; 23.- Five feet of lovin' ('56);24.- Cat man; 25.- Double talkin' baby;26.- Hold me, hug me, rock me; 27.- Unchained melody;28.- Bi-I-Bickey-Bi Bo-Bo-Bo



Track list

1.- Pink Thunderbird; 2.- Pretty pretty baby; 3.- Cruisin';4.- Important words ('56); 5.- You better believe;6.- Red bluejeans & a ponytail; 7.- Five days, five days;8.- I got it; 9.- Wear my ring; 10.- Lotta lovin';11.- Rollin' Danny; 12.- Time will bring you everything;13.- True to you; 14.- In my dreams; 15.- Dance to the bop;16.- Your cheatin' heart; 17.- Baby blue;18.- Walkin' home from school; 19.- It's no lie;20.- Should I ever love again; 21.- Flea brain;22.- Brand new beat; 23.- Frankie & Johnnie;24.- You belong to me; 25.- Keep it a secret;26.- Yes I love you baby;27.- By the light of the silvery moon; 28.- Right now;29.- You'll never walk alone.



Track list

1.- I got a baby; 2.- Dance in the street; 3.- Git it; 4.- I love you;5.- Teenage partner ('58); 6.- Peace of mind; 7.- Lovely Loretta;8.- Little lover; 9.- Rocky road blues;10.- Somebody help me; 11.- Five feet of lovin' ('58);12.- Look waht you've gone and done to me;13.- Hey good looking; 14.- Summertime;15.- I can't help it (If I'm still in love with you);16.- The wayward wind; 17.- Now is the hour;18.- Lonesome boy (Out take); 19.- Lonesome boy;20.- You are the one for me (Out take);21.- You are the one for me; 22.- Maybe;23.- I've got to get you yet; 24.- My heart;25.- The night is so lonely; 26.- Beautiful brown eyes (Out take);27.- Beautiful brown eyes; 28.- Rip it up (Out take);29.- Rip it up.



Track list

1.- Maybelline (Out takes); 2.- Maybelline;3.- High blood pressure (Out take); 4.- High blood pressure;5.- In love again; 6.- Say mama; 7.- Be-bop boogie boy;8.- I can't believe you wanna leave;9.- Who's pushin' your swing; 10.- Anna-Anabelle;11.- Gone gone gone; 12.- I might have known (Out take);13.- I might have known; 14.- Important words (Out take);15.- Important words; 16.- My baby don't low;17.- Over the rainbow; 18.- Ready teddy; 19.- Vincent's blues;20.- Pretty pearly; 21.- Accentuate the positive;22.- She she little Sheila; 23.- Darlene (Mono);24.- Darlene (Stereo); 25.- Why don't you people learn to drive;26.- Crazy times; 27.- Greenback dollar;28.- Big fat saturday night.



Track list

1.- Wild cat; 2.- Hot dollar; 3.- Right here on earth (Mono);4.-.- Right here on earth (Alternate stereo take);5.- Blue eyes crying in the rain; 6.- Everybody's got a date but me;7.- Mitchiko from Tokyo; 8.- Pistol packin' mama;9.- Weeping willow; 10.- Crazy beat (Takes 6 & 7);11.- Crazy beat; 12.- I'm gonna catch me a rat (Take8);13.- I'm gonna catch me a rat; 14.- It's been nice (Take 1);15.- It's been nice (Goodnight);16.- That's the trouble with love (Take 3);17.- That's the trouble with love; 18.- Good lovin' (Take 13);19.- Good lovin'; 20.- Mister Loneliness (Take 1);21.- Mister Loneliness; 22.- Teardrops (Take 17);23.- Teardrops; 24.- If you want my lovin' (Takes 7 & 8);25.- If you want my lovin'; 26.- Spaceship to Mars (takes 1 & 8);27.- Spaceship to Mars; 28.- There I go again (Take 7);29.- There I go again (Whoops I'm dreaming);30.- I'm going home (To see my baby);31.- Love of a man.



Track list

1.- Baby don't believe him; 2.- Lucky star;3.- King of fools (Take 1); 4.- King of fools;5.- You're still in my heart; 6.- Held for questioning;7.- Be-bop-a-lula (Take 1 - 1962); 8.- Be-bop-a-lula('62);9.- Where have you been all my life?; 10.- Temptation baby;11.- The beginning of the end; 12.- La-den-da-den-da-da;13.- Humpity dumpity; 14.- A love 'em and leave 'em kinda guy;15.- Love love love; 16.- Lavender blue; 17.- You are my sunshine;18.- Slippin' & Slidin'; 19.- Private detective;20.- Shimmy shammy shingle; 21.- Long tall Sally;22.- Good golly miss Molly; 23.- Send me some lovin';24.- Hey hey hey hey; 25.- Another saturday night;26.- Someday (You'll want me to want you);27.- Baby blues; 28.- Susie-Q.


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