terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009


PAVEMENT - Spit on a stranger(1999)
PAVEMENT - Major leagues(1999)

PAVEMENT - Carrot rope CD1(1999)


PAVEMENT - Carrot rope CD2(1999)

PAVEMENT - Shady lane(1997)

PAVEMENT - Pacific trim(1996)

PAVEMENT - Father to a sister of a thought(1995)

PAVEMENT - Range life(1995)

PAVEMENT - Rattled by la rush(1995)

PAVEMENT - Cut your hair(1994)

PAVEMENT - Gold soundz(1994)

PAVEMENT - Trigger cut(1992)


PAVEMENT - Watery, domestic(1992)

4 comentários:

sofajockey disse...

very nice!

mcl disse...

Belo post! Valeu!

Ric disse...

genial! muito obrigado

Anônimo disse...

holy effing so much Pavement. there's a few things here I needed, thanks!