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SOUTHERN DEATH CULT - Southern death cult(1982)

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DEATH CULT - Death cult(1983)

01. Gods Zoo (3:27)
02. Brothers Grimm (3:32)
03. Ghost Dance (3:59)
04. Horse Nation (3:24)
05. Christians (3:49)
06. Gods Zoo (These Times) (5:10)
07. Gods Zoo [Live At The Lyceum] (3:32)
08. Christians [Live Utrecht Holland 1986] (4:32)

THE CULT - Dreamtime(1984)

01.- Horse nation
02.- Spiritwalker
03.- 83rd dream
04.- Butterflies
05.- Go west
06.- Gimmick
07.- A flower in the desert
08.- Dreamtime
09.- Rider in the snaw
10.- Bad medicine waltz
11.- Bonebag
12.- Sea and sky
13.- Ressurection Joe

THE CULT - Love(1985)

1. "Nirvana" – 5:24
2. "Big Neon Glitter" – 4:45
3. "Love" – 5:35
4. "Brother Wolf, Sister Moon" – 6:49
5. "Rain" – 3:55
6. "The Phoenix" – 5:06
7. "Hollow Man" – 4:45
8. "Revolution" – 5:20
9. "She Sells Sanctuary" – 4:23
10. "Black Angel" - 5:22

THE CULT - Eletric(1987)
01.Wild Flower
02.Peace Dog
03.Lil’ Devil
04.Aphrodisiac Jacket
05.Electric Ocean
06.Bad Fun
07.King Contrary Man
08.Love Removal Machine
09.Born To Be Wild
10.Out Law1
1.Memphis Hipshake

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