segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2007


THE PRISONERS - The last fourfathers
Outro álbum desta obscura e ótima banda inglesa....

1. Nobody Wants Your Love
2. Night of the Nazgul
3.Thinking of You
4. I Am the Fisherman
5. Mrs Fothergill
6. Take You for a Ride
7. The Drowning
8. FOP
9. Whenever I'm Gone
10. Who's Sorry Now
11. Explosion on Uranus
12. I Drink the Ocean
13. The More That I Teach You
14. All You Gotta Do Is Say
15. Find and Seek
16. Whenever I'm Gone
17. Deceiving Eye
18. Wish The Rain
19. Nobody Wants Your Love
20. Hush

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