sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2007



TRANSVISION VAMP - I want your love(1988)

1. I Want Your Love (I Don't Want Your Money mix)
2. Sweet Thing
3. Evolution Evie (electric version)
TRANSVISION VAMP - Sister moon(1988)

1. Sister Moon (Groove On)
2. Walk On By
3. Sex Kick (Ciao Portobello)
4. Oh Yeah
TRANSVISION VAMP - Born to be sold(1989)

1. Born To Be Sold (7" version)
2. Kiss Me
3. Down On You (live @ Glasgow Barrowlands 210789)
4. Last Time (live @ Glasgow Barrowlands 210789)
TRANSVISION VAMP - Baby I don't care(1989)

1. Baby I Don't Care (abigal's party mix)
2. Sex Kick (demo version)
3. Time For A Change
4. Strings Of My Heart

TRANSVISION VAMP - If looks could kill(1991)
1. If Looks Could Kill (voodoo hipster mix)
2. My Friend The Tom Cat
3. Puppy Dog Tails
4. I Want Your Love (live @ Manchester Apollo 281089)
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(todos os EPS foram "ripados" do vinil original)