segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008


TUFF TURF - Soundtrack(1985)
Track listing
1. Tuff Turf (03:16)Southside Johnny
2. People Who Died (04:59)The Jim Carroll Band
3. Green Onions (03:35)Jack Mack and The Heart Attack
4. Voices (02:54)The Jim Carroll Band
5. So Tuff (02:53)Jack Mack and The Heart Attack
6. Breakin' The Rules (What Do You Do When Opposites Attract?) (03:00)Lene Lovich
7. Love Hates (04:22)Marianne Faithful
8. It's Too Late (03:38)The Jim Carroll Band
9. She's Looking Good (03:40)Jack Mack and The Heart Attack
10. Twist And Shout (02:40)Dale Gonyea with J.R. & The Z-Men

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Karl disse...

I like your blog.
This link is dead. Please, re-upload.
thank you

Anônimo disse...

Please repost - the link is dead. Thanks!

Anônimo disse...

o link