quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2008


CONTROL - Original Soundtrack(2008)

Trilha sonora original. O filme é baseado na vida do lendário vocalista do Joy Division, Ian Curtis. Ainda não estreou no Brasil. Mas a trilha está aí!!!


1. Exit - New Order
2. What Goes On - Velvet Underground
3. Shadowplay - The Killers
4. Boredom (Live At the Roxy) - The Buzzcocks
5. Dead Souls - Joy Division
6. She Was Naked - Supersister
7. Sister Midnight - Iggy Pop
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
9. Hypnosis - New Order
10. Drive In Saturday - David Bowie
11. Evidently Chickentown - John Cooper Clarke
12. Roxy Music - 2HB
13. Transmission (Cast Version) - Joy Division
14. Autobahn - Kraftwerk
15. Atmosphere - Joy Division
16. Warszawa - David Bowie
17. Get Out - New Order


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